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About Us

When was Medical Licensure Group, LLC established?
Medical Licensure Group was formed in 2008. President Sarah Densmore had worked in the medical licensing field for over a decade and began Medical Licensure Group, LLC to satisfy the demand for professional, accurate and affordable state licensing services. Our caring team adheres to the highest standards of client care.

Where are you located?
We are located in sunny Pensacola, Florida in the Cordova Square business center, Suite 32B.

Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau?
Yes, we have been a BBB accredited business since 2011. To view our company profile, click the Better Business Bureau logo at the bottom of this web page.

About Our Services

Are there any fees I am responsible for paying aside from your service fee?
As with all medical licensing agencies, a flat rate is charged for our service fee which is exclusive of the fees charged by the state medical board and credentials holders. We coordinate these payments with you to keep things clear and simple.

How do you ensure that my information is kept secure and confidential?
We understand the importance of securing your sensitive information. Our website utilizes a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which provides secure web communication by encrypting sensitive information. Our database and website is tested daily for security vulnerabilities. All correspondence and transactions remain CONFIDENTIAL.

Why should I hire your agency rather than just do the paperwork myself?
In a word - Experience. Physicians and their staff often make time-delaying mistakes with the application or verification process. Hiring our agency means that you will have a full-time, highly trained specialist working to make the licensing process as transparent to you as possible. Not convinced? Check out what our clients think.

Who will be handling the processing of my application in your office? You will form a smooth working relationship with one of our experienced licensing specialists who will be available to you throughout the entire process. One of the most frequent compliments we get from our clients is the accessability of their file manager. We know your time is valuable!

What happens to my information once the process is complete? Your information will remain stored in our secure database for life. Never again will you need to fill out a state medical license application or hospital credentialing paperwork! Anytime you want to apply for licensure in another state, a quick phone call to your licensing specialist will get the process started.

About the State Licensing Process

What is the average processing time from start to finish? This is a tricky question to answer as there are many factors to consider. It boils down to the target state(s) and the applicant's history. Generally speaking, the process in most states from start to finish takes 10-12 weeks. Factors that can lengthen the process include.
  • Selecting a state that processes a high volume of applicants such as Florida, Texas, California, New York and New Jersey
  • Time of year - the busy season for medical boards is from March through September
  • Lengthy or difficult to verify professional history
  • A history of malpractice claims, professional disciplinary action, convictions, etc.

  • What is my part in the process should I choose to hire your agency? We aim to handle as much of the licensing process as possible. Things that will require your attention if applicable to your target state(s) include: photos, fingerprinting, signature, notarization, collection of court records, etc. You will be guided through every action that requires your attention.

    Should I use the Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS)? There are a handful of states that require their applicants to establish a profile with the FCVS. For those who are not required to use the FCVS, we recommend that only international graduates utilize this core credentials verification service. Establishing your FCVS profile will take an average of 3-5 months. Important facts:
  • If the FCVS is not successful at gathering your medical education verification (the main benefit of using their service), you remain responsible for gathering these documents on your own.
  • Some states require specific verification forms to be sent to your medical college and returned to their board. In these cases, the medical education verification from the FCVS is useless.
  • Once your profile is established, you will pay a profile designation fee plus re-pay to have your exam transcripts and ECFMG certification collected before your profile is sent to the designated state.
  • In summary, the FCVS is useful for international graduates to eliminate the need for repeated direct verification of your medical education. Call us to learn if the FCVS is right for you.

    What if I do not meet the state eligibility requirements? All states have unique medical licensure eligibility requirements that must be met before you can apply. You must complete a certain number of years of accredited postgraduate training, meet the USMLE attempt and time limitations and so on. If you are not clear about eligibility, contact our office for a free consultation.

    What Our Clients Think

    We take great pride in client satisfaction and it shows! Check out some of our client testimonials...

    "Stephen is the best!! Very helpful and knowledgable of what he is doing. Job well done! I will surely recommend your agency to my colleagues.
    R.C., MD - Licensed in NC

    "I am Joseph Berdecia MD-PhD and have recently used the Medical Licensure Group to obtain my MN medical license. My case was unusual due to my background. The Medical Licensure Group (all their employees) from day one, all that came out of their mouth was professional, courteous, and extremely user friendly. Inquiries by email or phone where answered almost immediately. They went out of their way to establish one or more contacts with the medical board to ensure proper follow up. They are extremely organized and they planned and established time tables for every process that was needed to be in place and followed up. As I told them the day I received my license, "you have the best bedside manners " when handling such a daunting task and anxious physician. I can say this having had the experience of dealing with another licensing company previously. I have the privilige to unconditionally recommend The Medical Licensure Group to any physician, new or with years of experience, to use their services for the best peace of mind during this process."
    Joseph Berdecia, MD-PhD - Licensed in MN

    "My licensing specialist showed professionalism and due diligence in following up with the licensing boards and keeping me up to date. Will definitely use your services again."
    D.P., MD - Licensed in NY, FL

    "My specialist was not only lightning fast with her responses, but overall very diligent worker. She made phone calls, e-mails and basically pieced everything together on time! I thought it was going to be much more difficult than it turned out. Thanks for your help!"
    J.P., MD - Licensed in GA

    "My licensing specialist was great...She was very helpful when I ran into a few snags...we got it done in a very respectable time!"
    P.B., MD - Licensed in MD

    "Thank you very much for your help. It was a real easy, comfortable and nice experience getting the license with your company. Your work was very professional and I highly appreciate it."
    F.R., MD - Licensed in FL, NJ

    "You were wonderful through this entire process. I will most certainly refer you to anyone interested in obtaining medical licenses; and if I need to get more, I know exactly who I will call. Thank you so much."
    A.D., MD - Licensed in KS, MT, NC, AZ

    "Thanks for your help...truly outstanding work! If I ever need any more assistance, I will certainly call you. Thanks again."
    T.L., DO - Licensed in FL

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