The Medical Licensure Group Promise…

Physicians seek to hire a medical licensing company for a variety of reasons. It could be that they are busy completing a residency program, or that they are maxed out with keeping a practice running smoothly while planning a move to another state. Who has time to take on the project of state medical licensing with an already full plate of responsibility?

Reciprocity is a thing of the past.

MLG has answered the call to provide a quality medical licensing service that helps physicians navigate the often confusing and tedious medical licensing and credentialing process. Reciprocity is a thing of the past. Today’s applicants must endure an extensive vetting process that includes background checks, interviews, and direct-source verification of credentials often reaching back as far as medical school. We know that your time is valuable. That’s why we are committed to taking the burdensome task of medical licensing off your shoulders so you can focus on other priorities.

Quality client care is our top priority and our promise. Each of our licensing specialist receives extensive training to craft the skills necessary to interpret state application jargon, qualify a candidate for licensure, and professionally prepare state licensure application and verification forms free from time-delaying errors. You can count on expert advice when questions or concerns arise.

What you will love about becoming our client:

Quality client care is our top priority and our promise.

Easy signup and data storage…

No more wasting your time completing lengthy state license applications, spending hours researching information, making countless phone calls, and so on. Our online intake form is easy, only retrieves the basics from you – we handle the research, paperwork, and follow-up. Best of all, your information is stored in our secure database permanently should you ever need licensing or credentialing assistance again.

Streamlined process…

Simply put, we are fast. Research and professional application preparation is done in days, not weeks like other medical licensing companies. We manage the credentials verification process with efficiency and have established great rapport with the state medical board processors. All of this translates to quicker turnaround for our clients.

Unrivaled communication…

No ridiculous hold times or waiting days, even weeks to get in touch with your medical board processor. You will work one on one with a licensing specialist here at Medical Licensure Group who will serve as the liaison between you and the state medical boards, credentials holders, etc. You will be pleased with our responsiveness and regular status updates.

How to get started

Submit your information via our online form. We will take it from there!

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